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Arab Valves Company, Egypt

The factory was built on a 10,000 square meters,with total number of 400 employee. We didn't start to build our knowledge on valves and fluid control devices from scratch, but we did start from where the Italians ended. We did acquire the industry know-How from a very well known and honored Italian company in this field.
We do manufactured and sell only high quality brass valves and fittings. Our products good quality comes from the deep understanding of the existing and the potential needs of our target market and the efforts we make in satisfying their needs.
We have always encouraged and contributed to metallurgical
and engineering researches as this directly relate to our Product advancement.
Arab Valves Company, do design and manufacture almost all
types of brass valves and fittings. Based on our high designing capability and production capacity of our own factories and the allied manufacture, we are now becoming one of the leading suppliers of high quality valves and fittings In Egypt and the Middle East .
We do manufacture almost all kinds of brass valves and fittings
with all its sizes ranging from 1/4" to 4" inches.
All our products are strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with the international standards.
Valves and Fittings are made with the most sophisticated metallurgical and process control variables. Sophisticated methods for forging and foundry practices are used. Surface treatment can be sand washed or acid washed, galvanized,
nickel , or chrome plated upon customer request. Accurate machines such as digital controlled threading machines are used to ensure that our products are strictly comply with the international standards or other specific requirements.