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Translation Service

Quanhao International Ltd. has a professional team in large-scale as well as in small-scale translation projects,especially business in Yiwu City.

1.Excellent service, quick turnaround times.
2.Wide-ranging experience in international trade field.
3.Only the most proficient translators.

As a professional supplier of multi-language solution located in China, we provides you with low-price and quality-guranteed Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese translation services.

Besides fluent in English and Chinese, our interpreters are more familiar with Chinese culture, traffic, and local regulations,especially China market which enable us to be your ideal business interpreter, personal assistant and market guide in China.

Because of huge potential business opportunity in China, if your first business trip to China, only for ideas of China market without any order. Once your schedule of first business trip for China is fixed, then our professional translation service will accompany you all long, and make your business trip smooth & fruitful with enough information.

Making your Chinese business trip smoothly and convenient is our goal!