If you´re coming to China for business, the best thing is to find a reliable purchasing agent first. Because they can make sure that the products you buy will be in good quality and for low cost. It is a good way to avoid mistakes and risks. Quanhao International Co., Ltd As one of the leading and professional trading,sourcing,purchasing,buying,export agencies, supplies the buyers services such as market guidance,translation,  inspection,  export,  shipping and the whole process goes as follows: Before you come to China1. We advise you when is the best time for your business trip to China.2. We issue China Business Invitation letter.3. We book hotel for you with the best discount.4. We pick you up at the airport (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc.) After your arrival in China, you can start your purchasing1. We guide you to the right product markets and all the shops one by one, we can even......[More]


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